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General maintenance tips for your printer:

  • Before inserting paper into your printer, it is a great idea to fan the paper stack. This will avoid many paper related problems
  • Your paper should be covered and protected from moisture; when paper becomes too moist, it can cause paper related problems with your printer
  • To avoid unnecessary down time and repairs, it is highly recommended that you use toners and inks from the original manufacturer and not use cheap alternatives. By doing so, you are increasing problems with your printer


Printer is jamming all the time – this is normally caused by damp moist paper, especially in colder weather. The solution is to take the paper out of your printer and add a new ream of paper. If your printer is still jamming, please give us a call.

Printer is showing it as OFFLINE – Firstly, check to make sure all your network cables are plugged into the printer and they are properly connected, sometimes they become loose and are not plugged in correctly. If you find the cables were not connected properly, turn off your printer for approximately 10 seconds.

If your computer (PC) is still saying “Printer offline” you can check the status of your printer from the control panel of your computer. Try the following steps below:

  1. Click “Start”, go to “Control Panel” and select “hardware”.
  2. Click “Printer”.
  3. If the printer is offline, it shows an “Offline” status. If the printer is online, it shows “Ready”.
  4. If the printer is “offline”, set it to “online”.
  5. Right-click on the printer and select “Use Printer Online”.
  6. The display should change to ready when the printer is set to “online”.

If your printer still does not work National Printer Repairs have professionally trained technicians that will be able to help you in resolving the problem.

You have installed a new toner cartridge and it is still asking you for a new one – Firstly, ensure that the toner cartridge was installed correctly. When installing a toner cartridge there should be no complications. If this continues to happen please remove the new toner cartridge, close the front door on the machine, let the machine re-calibrate without the toner, once the machine has recalibrated re-install the new toner.

You have black lines on your copies – For photocopiers and multi-function printers, try cleaning the “slit glass” (this is the narrow strip of glass located on the left hand side of the platen glass), clean this with Windex. If you find that the lines still appear, please contact us so that we can get a technician to take a look.

Always use quality products for your equipment – using higher quality paper will reduce paper debris, dust, and shavings inside of your printer or photocopier. This will result in having less internal maintenance repairs.
Clean your photocopier glass regularly – This will ensure your copies are of high quality. Simply use a nonabrasive cloth that is slightly dampened with a glass cleaner. It is highly recommended that you do not spray directly onto the glass.

Clean your ink cartridge head – It is important to keep the dust and debris from your ink cartridge head. Simply follow your manufacturer’s instructions for access to your ink cartridge. You should regularly clean away the accumulation of dust from the ink nozzle with a small cotton swab that is dampened with water or isopropyl alcohol.

General clean – On a regular basis, it is important to clean the dust from your equipment. This means the dust on the inside as well as the outside. Using a small, fine-haired paint brush will do the job for the inside, including the paper trays, ink cartridge area, and any other places that are not usually accessed during use of your equipment.

If your problem is not listed above and you need some expert advice or help for printer maintenance or photocopier service, please give us a call today on 1800 656 370 or simply use our online booking service!

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