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Troubleshooting your Laser Printer

Laser printers contain many moving, mechanical parts and require regular maintenance to ensure reliable performance.

This troubleshooting information is intended only as a guide in determining the most common faults with laser printers and should not be used as an alternative to service provided by experienced technicians.

Light or Faint Print:

May be caused by the toner cartridge running low. Try a new toner cartridge , or to get a little more life from the toner cartridge, remove it carefully from the printer and give it a gentle shake from side-to-side. Also ensure that ‘economy mode’ is not selected. If a replacement toner cartridge does not fix the problem, a printer service is required.

No Power:

Ensure all electrical cables are securely connected and that printer covers and doors are closed properly. Power supply units and electronic boards can also fail on laser printers, and can be replaced by a technician.

Cannot Print:

Power down the printer and wait for 30 seconds before powering up the printer. This will clear the buffer or memory in the printer. Purge any documents in the print queue waiting to print via your computer. Resend the print job to determine whether the problem is resolved.

Marks on the Page:

Vertical or horizontal marks on the page are generally caused by the toner cartridge. Try a different toner cartridge (new or empty) to determine whether the marks are repeated. If a replacement toner cartridge does not fix the problem, a printer service is required.

All Black Pages:

Pages printing out completely black indicate a printer service is required. They are usually caused by a fault with the laser scanner assembly which will need replacement or cleaning by a technician.

All Blank Pages:

Can be caused by incorrectly fitted toner cartridge. Ensure that the plastic rip-strip is removed from the toner cartridge.

Paper Jam errors:

Remove toner cartridge and paper trays from printer to expose paper jam. Remove paper from the printer by gently pulling the paper in the direction of the paper flow. Remove any torn paper or foreign objects from around the area of the jam. Phantom paper jams; continuous paper jamming or multiple page feeding indicates a printer service is required.

Fixing or Fusing error (Error 50):

Fusers and/or fixing assemblies are moving parts inside laser printers and periodically require maintenance or replacement. Turn off the printer and let it stand idle for about 30 minutes. Power up again to determine whether the error message has cleared. If the service 50 error is still present, a printer service is required.

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